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Before our RIBA award winning remodelling of the imposing 1960’s main entrance it was neither accessible nor inviting. Despite its size, it provided no reception area and visitors descended six steps and traversed a windowless and column-filled link before entering the nave. Wheelchair users were obliged to use a door in the South Transept.

A range of design constraints led to the radical decision to demolish the link and construct a new accessible entrance. In architectural terms, it had to mediate between the 1960s tower and the C18th South Aisle, both considerably taller, whilst also emphasising its own significance. This was achieved partly through the use of tall stainless steel fins above the doors and partly through establishing a strong visual link to the reinstated Victorian gateposts at the south east corner.

A particularly special commission from the Cathedral was the design of a seat for the monarch for use during the distribution of Maundy money.

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