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The project was centred on a complete reassessment of the way that the house and grounds operated. Prior to our involvement, the building could not be used for income-generating private events and public use at the same time, which presented a major problem. Our integrated solution created a completely new visitor route from the car park, reopened disused south door and new developed circulation routes within the house including adapting and creating external openings to increase natural light. Public facilities have been improved and income generation has been enhanced by the insertion of new toilets and a reheat kitchen. 

The refurbishment, re-servicing and redisplay of the main house improved its museum and gallery credentials including suitable climate control. Access to all areas of this very complex building was adapted to make it step free. All of the principal rooms are capable of multiple roles and the changes have made Hall Place a popular venue for meetings, functions, art exhibitions, weddings and educational activities.

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