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As part of major alterations to the Museum, a deep borehole ground source heat pump was installed to provide seasonal warmth and coolth to temper the museum environment. Within the new part of the building, great care was taken to incorporate passive energy saving measures, such as high levels of insulation and solar shading. Water consumption has been reduced by the installation of a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation of the park and by increasing the efficiency of fittings. A display in the museum entrance provides a live-time readout of the energy and carbon emissions saved. The completed work gained a ‘Good’ BREEAM rating.

Soft and hard landscaping has been completed to a high specification and new trees and yew hedging have been planted. A wildflower area, new enclosed garden and group picnic area have been created beside the museum. Thirty new bat boxes, including two in the walls of the extension (below, right) will provide homes for the six species of bat living in the vicinity of the park and museum.

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