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Victorian timber chancel screen and historic restoration of St Augustine's Church



In 1843 AWN Pugin built his house, The Grange, on the West Cliff at Ramsgate overlooking the shore to which St Augustine brought Christianity to the southern English in 597. This was followed on the same site, by St Augustine’s Church, built at his own expense to serve the Catholic community of Thanet.


In 2010 St Augustine’s was in poor condition and had not been fully accessible to the public for many years whilst part of the Benedictine Abbey. Our initial work was to carry out essential repairs to the roofs, masonry, rainwater system and glazing. Whilst this work was in progress, the parish opened the doors of the church and visitors started to flood in. With Heritage Lottery and much other funding, the most recent work has been to restore the Chancel and Lady Chapel to Pugin’s original design, to introduce visitors’ facilities and take the opportunity to interpret the twin themes of St Augustine and Pugin’s life and work.

Restored ironwork gates, designed by A. W. N. Pugin
St Augustine's Church stained glass windows designed by Aw. W. N. Pugin and  John Hardman Powell
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