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AWN Pugin, the master of the Gothic Revival and designer of the interiors of the Palace of Westminster, designed and built a house for his family on the clifftop above Ramsgate. This was followed by St Augustine’s Church and St Edward’s Presbytery alongside The Grange.


During the course of the C20th ownership of the buildings was divided, many unsympathetic alterations were carried out and the buildings fell into poor condition. The Landmark Trust firstly acquired The Grange and then a decade later, St Edwards commissioning the exceptionally high-quality restorations of the buildings which we have been delighted to carry out preserving and recreating Pugin’s personal world.

A. W. N. Pugin's personal bedroom at his Gothic Revival family home in Ramsgate
Restored timber door, panelling, tiling and interiors at Pugin's family home in Ramsgate
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