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Replica gasoliers and intricately painted ceiling



This was a complex project, in collaboration with Roynane:Design, to redisplay the National Silver Collection within the former ceramic galleries of the Victoria and Albert Museum. These are located in the oldest part of the Museum which remained open to the public.


The project involved the removal of unhappy 1920’s alterations to the enfilade of galleries and the repair and restoration of lost decorative features such as the freestanding majolica-clad columns. The decorative ceiling was reconstructed, complete with replica gasolier light fittings, based on images in glass-plate photographs.


Improved heating, lighting, fire and security systems also needed to be integrated into the sensitive finishes within the gallery. New showcases  including self-lit pull-out drawers and new study areas with interactive displays were also created.

Restored Silver Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum
Exhibit design at the Victoria and Albert Museum
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